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Katrina was not enough (Alex)

by on August 17, 2014

We are now in New Orleans and I do not like it at all. Its the worst of Rome, Amsterdam, and Paris, all in one city. There are still ratty buildings, a ratty tram system, and a ratty everything else, even after Katrina.


Above is the view from our window at the hotel (the massive A/C fans did not make the picture).
For the record, that picture was looking at the French Quarter. Also, our hotel is uncomfortably close to Bourbon St. So close that a room key is required to use the elevator [for security].

Today, however, we escaped New Orleans and went to see some plantations! The first one we saw had an interesting formation of trees (below)


This plantation was lived in until 1984, which was pretty impressive for a house like this. The oak area was designed to funnel the cool air from the river into the house. The second plantation was a “house of 30”, which had an above-ground basement, 30 pillars, and then a house on top of it. This house has survived 200 years, with serious restoration work after it partially burned in a fire. The interesting thing about this house is that the two center doors are an air vent, and are never to be entered through. On each side, a bedroom and office are located, a pantry is located behind the man’s office, and a birthing room behind the ladies’. The air vent had a dining room, and a sitting room. After this, we went on a tram ride, on the oldest streetcar line in the world (which certainly shows). This is what we did today.



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