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The end is near (David)

by on August 18, 2014

We’re taking an afternoon break from the heat in New Orleans, having reached the point that we’ve seen all we want to see and there’s still time left on the meter. One more day (boat tour of the swamps perhaps?) and then we’re coming home on Wednesday!

I think we’re all just about ready to come home. The last day of our week in Destin pretty much put us over the edge…. too much sun, wind, sunburn , bruises from the paddleboard, mosquito bites, and etc. We’re in desperate need of haircuts, we’re really tired of the same 5 shirts we’ve been wearing all summer; and hotel waffles for breakfast are no longer exciting. In fact, even the experience of finding a great out-of-the-way barbeque joint on Trip isn’t that exciting any more, since we’ve done it so many times now.

Renee and I laughed as hard as the rest of you surely did, at Alex’s post about New Orleans. He had a rough evening on Bourbon St., but has recovered and things are fine now.

No other news. We’re seeing the Preservation Hall Jazz Band tonight, so may or may not blog after that. Then one more day!


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