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Un musée pour une guerre qui était la dix-huitième plus grande armée contre la première, deuxième et troisième (Alex)

by on August 18, 2014

Today, we went to the WWII Museum. The museum did not have a lot of exhibits, yet was very descriptive. The first part of the museum was talking about the size of the armies, and the time during the war (up to D-Day). They did have some maps of the areas that were controlled by Allies, and controlled by the Axis. After the first part, we went to see the “4-D Cinema Experience”! The movie was informative, except the marketing was a bit over the top. If you call vibrating seats, smoke, paper falling from the ceiling, and a rather wide-screen display 4-D, than this would be your idea of 4-D. In all fairness, most other “4-D Experiences” aren’t much of an improvement on this. Once we finished the movie, we saw some WWII airplanes, and then went back into the main museum. The second part was about the Normandy D-Day, and the death of Adolf Hitler. Hitler committed suicide in a bunker in Berlin, and Normandy was postponed 2 days because of weather. The success of D-Day was mostly luck (saying that they captured in 7 weeks what they thought they would capture in 5 days). The last part was about the Japan D-Day. Russia/USSR helped a ton in the success of stopping Japan, since they only fought for 3 days and those were after both the atom-bombs were dropped. Lastly, we went to see a jazz concert. The theater was quite small, but the players were really good. This is what we did today.


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