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The humans, the swamp, and the Dollar (Alex)

by on August 19, 2014

First off, IMG_0036-0.PNG and ALMOST 5,000 miles!

[he means we’ve taken 1000 pictures and driven just under 5000 miles]

Today, we went on a swamp boat tour. The boats had an above-water propeller and did turns in an interesting way. The boat would turn sideways, and then go forward to make a turn. During the tour, we saw plenty of alligators, some turtles, and other marine wildlife. Did you know that alligators and birds really like marshmallows? Our favorite alligator was on the boat with us the entire time and was named Dollar, a very small alligator that we got to hold. Also, we got to experience an alligator trying to consume some noise canceling headsets, without success. How harmful are alligators? Click here to answer a poll (redirects to Please do not confuse Alligators with Crocodiles. Once we got back to the dock, we had a really good lunch. Finally, we saw The Giver (PG13), which was really good. This is what we did today.







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One Comment
  1. Uncle John permalink

    Here’s a fun story for you from last week
    Have fun flying home. I will wave at you as I am flying to Chicago.

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