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America 2014: Declaring victory (David)

by on August 24, 2014

We’re home, mostly unpacked, and catching up on our sleep.  


For the record, in 58 days:

We got to ALMOST every state east of the Appalachians.  Delaware and South Carolina were too far off our path, and we barely touched Georgia.  But otherwise we got 19 states + DC between Maine and Florida, and we did at least one of the fun things to do in each state.

We drove 4,967 miles in the rental Impala.  (The kids were very excited to get into our minivan at home and have “Legroom!!!!”)  We thought about taking the long way to the airport to pick up 33 more miles to hit an even 5,000, but figured there was no need to push our luck on returning the car undamaged (We did have a few close calls along the way…)

We stayed in 21 unique places: hotels, rental apartments, friends’ houses, etc.  We had a good system, and got very good at packing up and moving out.  We only left behind one belonging  (a toothbrush charger, probably in Williamsburg, VA).

Everyone’s asking “what was your favorite part of the trip”, and it’s really hard to answer that.  There were so many small, fun moments…   how do you rank watching an alligator swim around with a marshmallow on its head (they have no nerves on the top of their head so they don’t know it’s there), against standing directly in the path of a tennis ball served by the guy who has the fastest serve in the world, against being in the crowd charging the British governor’s mansion demanding he give back the gunpowder his troops stole, against seeing Phantom on Broadway, against….    you get the point.   Anna and Alex both say they liked DC most out of the big cities we were in (how could they not?)   And on the other side of the equation, Alex clearly put Bourbon St/New Orleans and Times Square/New York on his list of places he doesn’t need to go back to ever again.

This trip wasn’t as exotic or unusual as the Europe trips… but we knew that going in.  The goal was to show the kids their own country, especially the history, and on that count it was thoroughly successful.  Lots of good experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.

So…. “that’s all, folks”.  See you next year (Europe again?  We’ll see)


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