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by on April 17, 2015

Albuquerque  is weird.  It’s really cold, and we saw about six people in raiders clothing.  Seriously, I don’t even see raiders clothing in San Francisco, and here everyone is wearing it.  It is also really cold.  This weather makes San Francisco for seem normal.  The freeway is really nice here.  Everything is red, including the barriers not he side of the highway.  The food is not really good, but we just passed Cracker Barrel, making us regret the. Taco-bell like lunch we just had.  There is patterns on everything, including the support beams in the rental car center, and the outside of freeway over changes.  Mo. Told us that it was about the size of Santa Barbra, but I’m second guess ingot hat now.  On the plane, as we landed, I saw three fighter jet looking planes, and one that looked like some kind of bomber.  Also, there are license plates from everywhere.  We just passed Alaska, and saw California earlier. This is a weird mixture of mountains and desert, with a super high elevation.  It is overcast, and we keep thinking that it’s about to rain, but it hasn’t yet.  We saw snow on the flight over, but there was not a lot of it.  The ground is really red.  I thought that it would be kind of red, but this looks like the red clay we use in art.  I have not seen an actually tree yet, just a bunch of scrubby bushes.  We just passed what we think is a person trying to grow grapes, which I think is stupid, because it’s a desert, grapes should not grow here.  The plateaus seriously look like mountains, and then they just end and look like grassy flat things on top where cows would live.  Were gonna go out soon, so goodbye for now!



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  1. Anna, this was really good.

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