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London’s Calling (Alex Beaver)

by on June 18, 2015

Today, we landed at Heathrow. The flight from San Francisco was 10 hours. The fact is, it was an international flight with standard airplane food, a mediocre entertainment system, and all in all, British Airways is not one of my favorite airlines. We were seated in the middle row, so we had a lovely view of the white wall in front of us. Not to mention that we got to the gate 3 hours to the flight. We were joined with our cousin, Rachel. The movies on the plane were not very good, and we spent a lot of the time on our electronic devices. I also just finished a book I was reading, A Work In Progress by Connor Franta. One interesting thing I realized, is that the screens on the plane only show up for you, as supposed to the peopleĀ around you. For example, I can’t see what Anna is watching, even though she is right next to me. Some other advice is that you should not try to find food on the secure side of TSA in the international terminal at SFO. There is no food anywhere in the terminal. Once we landed, we got through customs and got out bags. There was an ok restaurant in Terminal 5 (the British Airways international terminal) and a couple of transport options into downtown London.

Option 1: Taxi, quite expensive and slow
Option 2: Tube, Not very expensive and insanely slow
Option 3: Heathrow Express, sort of expensive, freakishly fast

We chose number 3. It took 19 minutes to get to Downtown London. We took 2 more trains, and eventually got to our apartment. Along with that, we got new Oyster cards (the tap-to-pay pass for the Tube, Overground, DLR, Tram, Bus, and sum National Rail services). We had to walk up a few stories with our luggage, and finally settled down. After a little bit of down-time, we had dinner at a little pizza place, the 4,851st best restaurant in London. Out of 18,157. Then, we went on a shopping trip to…Sainsbury. Fortunately, there was no DELI (if you haven’t heard the horror stories of our first restaurant on our first trip, you do not know what you are missing out on). One more thing, we wanted to buy a fly swatter, and apparently they don’t have those in the UK. Even though you can pay $75/gb for a “low-cost” cell phone plan from said grocery store. Other carriers are not as expensive. We just looked outside at the canal boats right outside. It is time for us to get ready for bed. This is what we did today.

The view of the British Airways 747 that we were on.

The view of the British Airways 747 that we were on.

A canal boat outside our apartment

A canal boat outside our apartment

Another canal boat outside our apartment.

Another canal boat outside our apartment.


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