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Mind the gap! (by Anna)

by on June 19, 2015

Hello world! OK, so for anyone who is going to London, the doors on the Jubilee subway line do not like being jammed open to let people through. The door closed on my leg with Alex and Dad inside, and Mom, Rachel and me outside. We took the next train though, and it was fine. I am really tired right now and need to shower, so bye!


Anna and Rachel on the double deck of a double decker bus



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  1. Let’s clear things up: We thought everyone was there. It turns out that mom was still on the escalator, and Rachel and Anna were waiting for her. The “Doors Closing” announcement played, and Dad tried to block the doors. However, there were two layers of doors, and he only blocked one of them. I then realized when we were got off at the next station to get on the same train with Anna, Rachel, and Mom that there was a sign that said “Blocking the doors can cause injuries.” This sign should say “The train will do everything it can to depart on time. Even if someone is blocking the doors.” The not exactly new train was not designed to handle door blocking.

  2. Aunt Ginny permalink

    I once tried to squeeze in a door on a train in Germany and I barely got my arm out. Europe trains mean business, unlike the trains I used to take in NYC. Glad you had a plan in case one of you got separated and no one panicked. Nice execution.

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