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Sir Whippy (Alex)

by on June 19, 2015

Today, we visited the Tower of London and the London Eye. The tower had an interesting (and gory) story. Even though most people think of the tower as a torture chamber, it started off as a castle. Yes, a castle. The torture mainly happened during the 14th and 18th century. There was a building for the monarchs, and a couple of other living quarters. Not only did the Tower of London start off as a castle, it also was used as defense to enemies coming up the Thames. Many deaths were caused up the hill in public, while others happened inside the walls. Mom’s favorite exhibit (not surprisingly) was the Crown Jewels. There were many crowns displayed, as supposed to other ceremonial objects. Photography was prohibited in the building, so we can not show you any pictures. Just as a side note, I noticed that many people in the UK smoke. It may seem larger than I am used to, because I never visit SF, but it seems that an unusual amount of people smoke.

After this, we walked across Tower Bridge, and headed over to the London Eye. We did, however, make two detours. The first detour…Mr. Whippy.

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(Left to right) Rachel, Alex, and Anna in front of the Mr. Whippy truck by Tower Bridge

The second one is that I wanted to visit the Shard (the 2nd tallest building in Europe). The Shard was on top of the tube station that we needed to get on a train at, but we went through the station quickly to see the Shard up close. Lets just say, it was large. Very large.

View of the Shard from the London Eye

Looking up at the Shard.

Lastly, we went to the London Eye. Last time we went on the London Eye, it was sponsored by an energy company. Now, it was sponsored by Coca Cola. I wonder who will be sponsoring it after 3 more years? Any way, we got a great view of Parliament, saw the MI6 HQ, and many other sky scrapers.

British Parliament as seen from the London Eye

View of BT Tower from the London Eye

One more thing I forgot to mention, buses in London are a terrible way to go long distances. We took the bus to the Tower of London, and we had to stop at every single block. On the plus side, you get to see things you wouldn’t see underground.

This is what we did today.


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  1. Donna permalink

    Can’t believe you waited an entire day to get your first Mr. Whippy – that’s will power!

  2. From the other side of the Thames, we could not see the words “Mr. Whippy.” We thought it was there, and decided to get it after the tower.

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