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Random thoughts (by David)

by on June 23, 2015

So far, so good.  We’re pretty much over jet lag, and into a rhythm with life in our apartment and all our activities.  A couple more days of touring London, and then we move onward.

The live Beatles show was really interesting to me. I’ve never seen one of these “tribute” shows, and it was really fascinating. The actors pretty much nailed the verbal and physical mannerisms of the Fab Four, the voices were about 80% of “real”, and the music was about 99% of real.  One one hand, I was thinking “I never saw the Beatles and if I had seen them it would have been awfully lot exactly like this so just close your eyes and pretend it’s the real thing”. On the other I was thinking “sure, I’m enjoying this, but why am I not as excited as I would be if this were actually the Beatles?”

Here we are… aren’t we “fab”?

It was fun teaching the kids about the Beatles… we decided they were the “cute one”, the “quiet one”, the “silly one”, and the “grownup one”.

Nobody blogged about the street artist at Covent Garden who stripped down to his pink underwear (generously stuffed with his pants), stood on a platform and juggled chainsaws.   They were quite amused at the time…

Cousin Rachel is probably in a bit of shock having been dropped into a Beaver Family Summer Trip.  Sure, her Dad is “Tour Guide John” and schedules a lot of things on their vacations. But with us, you hit the road as soon as you can drag out of bed, walk between 5 and 10 miles seeing lots of historical stuff, then see a show, then roll in to bed at midnight.  Then repeat.

Here’s what we really look like on the first subway trip of the day:


Renee says that I spend too much time focusing on the bad things, and I should be more optimistic and see the good in everything. Well before I do that, the first week has had its share of complications; here are a few:

– I lost a credit card (probably left it in a train ticket kiosk)

– Renee left her ATM card at home

(Thanks to Alex Brown and my Dad for their help with FedExing replacements)

– We fried Renee’s travel hair dryer in a 220v outlet (by switching the wrong switch)

– Anna left one of her two coats at home (at least she gets to go shopping for another)

– For the first time ever, we got separated by the doors of a subway train closing before we could all squeeze in.  (Fortunately we have well-rehearsed agreement on what we would do in that case).

– The mattress in our apartment was rock solid, so we couldn’t sleep (the landlord sent over a replacement)

– The bearings on the washing machine are shot so when it runs it shakes the entire building.

Considering the number of “moving parts” involved in getting this extravaganza on the road, that’s not all that bad.  See? I’m being optimistic!


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  1. Aunt Ginny permalink

    Whoa…there are ads on your blog! Great photos and recap of the Beatles show. Lots of early miscues which I am sure you have moved past.

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