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Oxford -C-i-r-c-u-s- University(Alex)

by on June 25, 2015

Yesterday, we went to Oxford University. Personally, I thought the grounds were very beautiful. There were many old buildings with lots of grass. An interesting thing that Oxford does (and Cambridge does as well) is that each of the 35 colleges has some tutors for the kids in that college, and dining halls, but the lectures are not in the college but in central buildings. We got to enter 2 colleges. One of them had a small central green, and the other one had a front green and a very large back garden. It was a relatively warm day (for the UK) and no rain, so that also made it nice. Another place we visited there was the library. One of the exhibits there was a Magna Carta. We took the (diesel) train back to London, and saw Thriller Live. Honestly, I did not like Thriller that much. That is what we did yesterday.


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  1. Aunt Ginny permalink

    Maybe you will go to Oxford one day!

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