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Formula(t)e. (by Alex)

by on June 28, 2015

Yesterday, we saw Taylor Swift, and a Formula E race. We (Rachel, Dad and I) started with Formula E. [A new racing series with all-electric battery-powered cars]. The cars sounded like (to use an analogy we found from a review on the internet) an “overexcited hamster running in his hamster wheel.” It was fun, though. We found a really good place to watch that was 6 ft. away from cars on a turn at the end of a straight, with no barrier. It was exciting.  Since they didn’t have loud engines, you could hear the cars skidding as they braked and went around the corner.


We then went on to the Taylor Swift concert at Hyde Park, with 65,000 of our friends. Since we got to the concert at 2:30 to get our special “early entry” spots on the grass (dirt that I must admit makes our spray painted grass look nice), there was a lot of sitting before the 8:00 show. After the first act (Rae Morris, whoever she is) we basically had a wall around us. By wall, I mean sweaty, tacky people on all sides. Hair an unnatural blonde, and make up that looks like a five year old slapped it on to them blindfolded. Not to mention that these people were “sorry”ing us as they stepped over us. 

person stepping over mom to get a better view of the screens

One person told us “this is not a sitting venue” and then 5 min. later, 2/3 of the people were sitting. Once the Corys came (they came separately) 5 of the 7 of us were able to move into the “first 4,000 people” area. The view was pretty good, and it was especially good when Taylor came above the crowd on an elevating, rotating runway. 

Anna and Isla went up front and were standing right under Taylor.  The concert was very loud and approximately 64,998 of the 65,000 people were singing along with all the songs. 

All in all, I was really tired, but the experience was interesting.


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  1. Aunt Ginny permalink

    I love your perspective, Alex. So gad you added pictures. Pretty neat idea to have an elevated nd rotating platform. I think every Taylor Swift concert is a sell-out. Quite an experience. Can’t wit to see you soon.

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