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Update (by David)

by on June 28, 2015

We’re on the train this morning for a 3-day side trip… to Cardiff, Wales (to see the “Dr. Who Experience” show…. (“Dr. Who” is a British science fiction TV series that the kids like)).  Then to Bath, then a day around the West including Stonehenge, some villages, etc.)

No matter how late we get in at night, Alex’s body clock wakes him up early, so he has time to blog in the mornings.  The rest of us haven’t done much blogging because we like our sleep.  Alex’s updates have at least covered the facts of what we did each day.

Renee and I really enjoyed the musical shows we went to every night…. who can’t love live performances of the Beatles, Michael Jackson, and ABBA songs?  Well the kids didn’t love them that much…. they just don’t know the songs.  (Which, after all, were written 30 years before they were born). Sort of like Renee and I listening to Cole Porter and Tommy Dorsey… but wait, I LIKE Cole Porter!)    Anyway, we went to the half-price ticket booth every afternoon and grabbed whatever tix they had available….. we were especially happy to get awesome row 6 seats for Mamma Mia.   None of the kids would stand up and dance with me to ABBA songs, though.   😦

T-h-h-h-ats all for now… Time to watch the countryside go by.


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  1. Aunt Ginny permalink

    Love Abba and I don’t know much about music…fun stuff.

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