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Bath (Spa) [Alex]

by on June 30, 2015

Sorry I did not post for yesterday. Here is a quick recap: We took the train from Cardiff to Bath. In Bath, we looked at the Roman baths, and tried some hot-spring water (which I would not recommend, even though it is full of minerals). We also went to a South American restaurant (because calling a Mexican restaurant a Mexican restaurant is wayyyyy too mainstream). My burrito was pretty good.

Today, we saw Stonehenge. Honestly, it was a little smaller than I had imagined. We did get to get pretty close to the stones, though. All in all, pretty underwhelming…

…because of the next place. Which was Avebury. It is 3 stone circles, one main one with two smaller ones inside. All of Stonehenge could fit in to one of the small ones, and the large one was 1 mile in diameter. It was a lot more impressive. We had lunch in some small town where some Harry Potter filming was done, and ended up in a small town. When I mean small, I mean 1 road in the entire town. We are back at the Cory’s tonight after being on un-air-conditioned trains for 3 hours (in the warmest weather in a decade. This is what we did.


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