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London done… On to Scotland (By David)

by on July 2, 2015

Scene 1 of Act 1 of the trip is done, and we’re zooming across the English countryside on the fast train from London to Scene 2: 4 days in Edinburgh, Scotland.
Hey, look: out the window is a small town with an old church! And another! And one more! And some green fields! With sheep!
We like side trips out of the big cities, and this week’s was nice. Cardiff, Wales was exactly as (un)exciting as our friends said it would be, but hey, we got to speak Welsh … (This sign says “Cardiff Bay Bus connection”)

  … and cross another country off our list. We told the taxi driver we were interested in Welsh food for dinner and he laughed and said all they had were fish and chips and meat pies, like the rest of England. So we found a nice Syrian restaurant that had great Mediterranean food and even “ayran” on the menu (for those who remember ayran from our Istanbul blog)

Bath was lovely… especially on a spectacular sunny day (here in the downtown square)…

On Tuesday we did a full-day tour of the countryside on a small bus, including Stonehenge, the similar-but-less-popular stone circles at Avebury, and the villages of Laycock and Castle Combe in the Cotswold district. The villages are oh-so-quaint…..

…. and as the other bloggers said, Stonehenge was smaller than it seems in the history books. We had a lovely walk in the pastures around the Avebury stones ….

 except Anna’s and my grass allergies just exploded. Good thing Renee carries drugs for every eventuality in her bottomless purse.

Wednesday was the hottest July day ever in England…. everyone was atwitter about it, the roads were melting, the rails were bending, etc….. at a high of 91 degrees! That’s just a nice summer day in California. We took a walk down to the river, and then Alex, Rachel and I went to Wimbledon for the evening. The famous queues for same-day tickets were long but well-organized, and we only had to sit in the sun for 2 hours before we got in.

 We didn’t see too much tennis, sadly, as most of the matches had actually finished ahead of schedule. We saw Lucie Safarova, sat on Murray Mount to watch Serena on the big screen…

and then saw Sara Errani be knocked out by an up and comer, Alexsandra Krunic. (Wow, so many seeded women have been surprised by qualifiers this year!). And we didn’t get any strawberries and cream or gift shop items, because as the last match ended someone pulled the fire alarm, and they evacuated the entire place! The Corys had strawberries and cream in the fridge, so we made do with that.

So far, so good…. 2 weeks down, 5 to go.


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