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Twenty-hundred (Alex)

by on July 2, 2015

Yesterday, we went to Wimbledon. Rachel, Dad, and I got to Wimbledon at around 4:15 and got in at 6:15. 

After having dinner, it was probably around 6:30. That was not the only problem, the matches ended early, because they allocate more time for when it is raining, and, of course, it was 80 degrees farenheit and sunny. We got a good view of Lucie Safarova ….

playing someone I had never heard of, and another pach where Errani was playng somebody I had never heard of. Safarova won, Errani lost. Fraser Cory and his friend (who lives close to Wimbledon) came while we were there, which made it more enjoyable. We saw 2 live matches, and 1 game on a large screen. It was worth standing in the queue for 2 hours to get 2 hours of tennis. At the end, we were going to get some merchandise, but we were invited (forced) to leave the facility due to a fire alarm going off in Section 4. And what section do you think the store was in, and the section we were in? The answer is 4. They pushed us out 3 blocks before we were able to get off of the main road. Fraser’s friend fortunately lived on that road, so Mrs. Cory had parked at his house. The drive home had no traffic and was very calm. This is what we did yesterday.

Today, we took the train to Edinburgh. It was a very nice train ride with reserved seats, and also, it was Virgin. We got to King’s Cross very early, so we spent a lot of sitting-around time. 

Once we got into Edinburgh, we settled down at our apartment (after a 10 min. wait for the apartment owner to come). It is a very large apartment, with a TIVO. Dinner was an interesting story, though. Imagine an entire city shutting down at 8, so that people can [drink whisky and] have massive hangover at work 12 hours later. We only saw 4 restaurants that did not turn into “18 or older only” at 8pm. 2 small (probably family-owned) ones, Nando’s, and Patisserie Valerie. Valerie is a very popular bakery in the UK. Also, the Cafe Nero’s were probably open, but we (surprisingly) did not see any. This is what we did today.


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