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Bridge^2 (by Alex)

by on July 10, 2015

Yesterday, we toured around Dublin. We learned about a section of town that had many historical buildings, and was about to be torn down by the government, until the citizens prohibited it.  We saw the big steel needle that was the Mayor’s attempt to give Dublin something like the Eiffel Tower.  We saw the “square bridge” that is as wide as it is long, and we saw Trinity College. There was a ‘castle’ that had been used for a couple of public occasions, including Queen Elizabeth II’s historic visit to Ireland. Interesting story about that: the Queen let the Irish take care of her transport, which was a sign of respect. The Irish did not have any luxury armored cars, so they ‘confiscated’ one from the nation’s largest drug dealer. Apparently, the Queen enjoyed the ride with the leopard pattered seats, and chrome interior. Or at least that’s how the tour guide said it happened.  We ended the day with an Irish music and dancing show. The dancers were really good, and Dad was pulled out of the crowd to go up and “dance” with them. This is what we did today.


We’re enjoying Dublin, but sadly, we’re getting a little bit under the weather.  Renee skipped yesterday’s touring and stayed home with a fever, and Anna and I are getting a cold.  We’ve been pretty lucky to not get sick in the last 3 years of summer trips, so now it’s hit us.   Monday is our next big travel day, so we hope we all clear up a bit by then.

– David 


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