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The -e-a-r-t-h- revolves around the -s-u-n- religions (Alex)

by on July 10, 2015

Today, we saw a couple of things. First, Mom, Anna, and Rachel went shopping, while Dad and I visited the headquarters of CoderDojo (the programming club in Silicon Valley). As proof:

You really get a feel for what small start ups are like. Their office was 4 folding tables set up in the corner of an incubator in a shopping mall. It was cool seeing them, though. We had lunch at Hard Rock, and then went to a jail. We learned at the jail about over-population, the conflicts with the British government, and punishments. One thing that I found interesting was the inconsistencies in punishments. One person would steal 1 loaf of bread and get 9 weeks, while someone else would steal 1 loaf of bread and butter and get 1 week. Interesting. The cells were very plain. 4 walls, a floor, and a roof. Yes, no furniture, or anything else. Also, people with political influence got a nicer room and could take in their own furniture. This is what happened today.


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