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Ich spreche kein Deutsch (Alex)

by on July 15, 2015

We have made it to Berlin! Yesterday, we just toured around… Anna called it “exploring”. (We went with Aunt Ginny… Mom is still sick but hopefully getting better). 

First, we visited a museum where the old East German border crossing into West Berlin was. The building was surprisingly modern, even though it was built by East Germany. 

We also saw the last remaining guard tower. It was surprisingly small, and kind of far away from the wall. 

Another interesting thing that we learned was that the building of the Berlin Wall was against West Germany’s treaty with East Germany. Therefore, East Germany was not allowed to build it, but they did anyway. 

One last thing we saw was Fredrichstraζe Border Crossing. This was called ‘Checkpoint Charlie.’ The fact is, it was a crowded tourist trap, and there was nothing to see there. 

We also saw lots of Trabants aka “Trabis”… They were the East German version of the VW bug

That is what we did yesterday.


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