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Warsaw….  “City of the 21st Century” (by David)

by on July 17, 2015

Its our first evening out in Warsaw, and Renee is waxing rhapsodic…. “It’s clean, it’s calm, the weather is perfect, and it’s cheap”.  I think she likes the “cheap” part best…. our first inkling of this was the $4.00 sandwiches on the train.  $4.00 would barely buy the jam for your croissant in Dublin.

We found what may be the best dessert and chocolate cafe in the whole world…. although Renee decreed that after yesterday’s birthday cake, then cupcakes for breakfast and lunch, and dessert tonight, Anna’s birthday is over, over, over, and no more, no more, no more!

(The rest of us want to come back to Pijalnie Czekolady every night.)

Everyone recommended we go to Kraków, not Warsaw…  we picked Warsaw simply because getting to Kraków would have taken an extra 8 hours of train rides.  But then just yesterday, travel writer Rick Steves wrote this article saying that Warsaw is a great “diamond in the rough”:

So far we like it a lot.

The city is under an insane building boom of glass skyscrapers and modern architecture…. Which creates dramatic contrasts between the new and the old.  Here is our apartment building….

…. And the derelict ruin right across the street.



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  1. Donna permalink

    Happy Belated Birthday to Anna!!! And we are completely on board with gelato at every meal so I think you guys should continue the desserts as well – you’re on vacation! And, VRBO would describe that building across the street as ‘charming’ and ‘historic’…..

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