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WARSaw (Alex)

by on July 19, 2015

We have made it to Warsaw. Yesterday, we did a walking tour. There were many sights including a church, and a bench that has speakers integrated into them. We had dinner at a really good restaraunt. Today, we went to a flea market and a castle. The flea market was way too overpriced. Some person wanted 2500 polish currency for a knife. The castle was just like all other castles. It had lots of marble and gold. This is what we did.


Addendum from David:

The bench Alex referenced plays Chopin music.  The Poles love their famous citizens and there are musical Chopin benches all around town.

The kids aren’t very talkative today.  We came home early to take cover from the impending thunderstorm, and everyone has just been hanging out.

But here are some photos…..

Nice evening in the Warsaw Old Town   
Renee ran into a lady from Indiana who also buys her shirts at Kohl’s


Renee and Virginia enjoyed browsing the flea market. Alex not so much 

We were looking in the big old church when a wedding started!   

Cold beet soup….. What a color! 

If you walk around the bell 3 times your wish will come true.  If it’s a big wish, you need 7 times.  If it’s a REALLY big wish you have to hop around on one foot.


Nice shot of the Soviet-era cultural institute building that dominates the downtown



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