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Onward (by David)

by on July 21, 2015

Back on the train right now…. Coming up are two nights with one day of touring in Dresden, and then on to Prague on Thursday.  We had a fun time with Aunt Ginny, but she went on to Kraków.

We saw the museum of the Warsaw Uprising yesterday… in 1944, the people of Warsaw, with skilled military leadership, rose up against the Nazi occupiers.  They did well for about 2 months, but couldn’t withstand heavy artillery and air bombing.  When it was all over, Hitler ordered the city razed to the ground…. at the end of the war, Warsaw was basically completely destroyed, and only had 1,000 inhabitants living in basements.  

Which means the entire modern city, and all its population, was created from nothing.  Wow.

The Russians really screwed the Poles during and after the war too.  The one person who I really came to respect was Gorbachev, who declined to send Russian tanks in to stop the revolutions in the 1980s. Thank you, Mr. Gorbachev.  And also Pope John Paul, who stood up to the government before and during his papacy.

Renee is a bit unhappy to learn that America didn’t do much when the Poles asked for help during the uprising.  I pointed out that American forces were a little busy in mid-1944, on the other side(s) of Germany.  It was Russia’s job to help in the East. 


 “I left my heart….. In a church in Warsaw…..”

Statue of Ronald Reagan…. Not clear why???  
There’s a park in Warsaw dedicated to Herbert Hoover of all people…. he led the U.S. food distribution programs after WW I.


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