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Prague (by David)

by on July 25, 2015

it’s funny…. We had a 3 hour walking tour yesterday and learned a ton of Prague and Czech history … And the kids didn’t mention a word of it.  It’s Just old stuff to them I guess.  But with everything going on, they did have good, fun experiences.

Prague is kindof like a big Disneyland…. the tourist sections are just totally packed with tourists. At 10am everyone gathers in the town square for walking tours….


Then at night everyone has dinner then strolls on the Charles Bridge….   

 and on Saturday everyone goes to the funicular to the park at the top of the mountain to see the views.

We haven’t gotten to the “normal” sections of town, so I don’t have any feeling of what it would be like to live here…. But it’s fun to visit.

And if course we rode the funicular… because that’s what we do…. and we went to the top of the highest tower…. because that’s what we do. (But his time we took the elevator… because it was there.) And then we did a fun mirror maze in a castle with a portcullis (look it up).


(I had a portcullis photo, but everyone was squinting so they won’t let me post it)


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