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Great Depression (Alex)

by on July 26, 2015

Today, we went to a concentration camp. Not to be confused with a death camp, concentration camps only combine a lot of people into small areas. Death camps poison people in gas chambers and in buses. The conditions were poor, and many people died there. Most from disease, torture, and starvation. The guards did not want to just kill, they wanted to entertain. As a result, they would make some prisoners kill other prisoners. There was also a section that they showed the Red Cross. I must say, Hitler was very good at persuasion. Some people voluntarily signed up for ‘transport.’ He made the Red Cross think that people were very happy in Germany. All in all, I must say he was good at manipulation. The guards disguised some torture areas as work areas. Also, there were isolation chambers, which would starve you for a few days, and then the guards would offer you food, but the food was too salty, and therefore would destroy your digestive system. We also got to see the ghettos. This is what we did.


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