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Rain in Brno-Anna

by on July 27, 2015

Hello world!! Today, we went to Brno. Brno is the second-biggest city in the Czech Republic. It is really small, and there was almost nothing to do. It rained really hard today, but we got inside under five minutes before the downpour came, and watched the people on the street get really wet. Then, we went inside and played on our devices. We saw the outside of a castle before the rain started. It was on a hill in the middle of the city, and when we saw rain from there, we decided to go home and not get wet. Today was overall really fun [because we got to play on our computers all evening], even though it rained really hard. Bye!!



Bloggers had said “go to Brno… It’s a lot cheaper and quieter than Prague, the food is really good, and it’s a nice experience”.  They forgot to say “there’s nothing to do in Brno, and the food isn’t good for kids who don’t like sausages and potatoes”.   It’s actually interesting to be in a place that isn’t all about tourists…. virtually no shop signs or menus in English for example.  A ton of Cuban restaurants… what’s up with that??  What the heck, we had a nice walk, we’re doing the one big activity in town tomorrow morning, and then we’ll head to Vienna.

Six weeks down, two to go!

— David


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