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Heat Wave (Alex)

by on July 29, 2015

Today, we went to Schonbrunn castle. It was really pretty. There was approximately 1 sq. mile of grounds, most of which was green. The castle had an interesting color scheme, with different shades of brown. The insides had two distinct parts. The emperor’s section was not very ornate, with a simple bed frame, and not a ton of decorations. And then, there is the Empresses’ side. This is where every castle’s ‘Versailles’ comes out. Everything was golden. There were paintings everywhere. Chandeliers in every room. The ‘makeup room’ which was so unimportant that the audio tour skipped it, probably cost more than the average house. The concert room was very impressive. There were tons of chandeliers, and everything was amazing. There was a hedge maze outside, that was really fun, along with a labyrinth. This is what we did today.

Anna and mom got lost in the maze… Dad and I told them how to get to the end  
It’s good to be king


Words cannot explain this picture 



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  1. Uncle Eric permalink

    Schoennbrunn, Alex? If so, your cousins were in that very same hedge maze back when they were 7 and 3!!

  2. Lucy permalink

    I love both of the costume pictures so much!

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