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The last two days-Anna

by on July 30, 2015

Hello world! Vienna is cool. We saw a castle, which mom said was the Austrian version of Versailles. It was really cool, and I like it more than Versailles. We also realized that we forgot to talk about some things yesterday. We ate a kangaroo burger for lunch!! It was surprisingly good, and tasted a lot like a hamburger. Everyone said that, if you did not know that it was kangaroo, you would think that it was some kind of spiced burger. 

That was the part of a blog that I wrote last night and forgot to finish. Here’s today!
Hello world!

Today, WE SAW BABY HORSES!!!!!!!!! They were really cute, and one of the moms kept licking the old lady that sat in front of us. They were all adorable, and it was a lot of fun. 

We also saw the crown jewels of Austria. That were pretty cool, but not as cool as the British ones. 

We went on a FERRIS WHEEL!!!!! It was really fun, and I got to try bumper cars for the first time!! Overall, it was a pretty fun last two days. 



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