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Wearing out (David)

by on July 31, 2015

Onward…. took the train to Budapest today.  And although the first priority was to start washing clothes, we all promptly crashed on our beds with our iDevices. We’re definitely feeling the wear and tear, after walking about 300 miles in 43 days. [Yes… we walked our 300th mile at the end of the day today]

I proposed that every day’s walking reduces our tolerance for the next day’s walking by 5 minutes… which in sum says we can be out touring for 3 1/2 hours less each day than we did back in June.  Renee says I’m being silly, but she’s been sleeping later and enjoying a late-afternoon rest back at the apartment just as much as the rest of us.

The weather is heating up as we move south, which also encourages afternoon downtime.  We’ve been very lucky with the weather: every city we arrive in seems to have had a 100 degree heat wave the week before, and there have been sprinkles many days.   And 90 in Budapest isn’t anything like 105 in Rome.   But the afternoon sun is still bright.

So as Anna says… “I’m tired so I think I’ll take a nap.  Bye!”


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One Comment
  1. Donna permalink

    How much longer? Ben is really hoping to see Anna and Alex some before school starts. Enjoy those afternoon naps!

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