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300 and counting (alex)

by on August 2, 2015

Yesterday, we hit our 300th mile of the trip. It does not seem like we have walked 300 miles, but I guess we have. Any way. We did a walking tour yesterday, which was really cool. There was lots of information, and it overall was very fun. An interesting thing we learned is that any old building can not be repainted, unless there is a clear difference between the old and new parts. There also was a park that was called ‘Liberation square.’ By ‘liberation,’ they mean liberation from Germany. Keep in mind that this square was built by the Soviets. The Hungarians want to take it down, but Russia won’t let them. Also, when Hitler’s army attacked Hungary, the people were standing by the gate with Nazi flags and heiling. Yes, the Hungarians wanted to be taken over. 

We had fancy rose gelato (which was very hard for the person to make, and slow)


At the end of the day, we did a river cruise. 

The commentary was good, and the lighting in the city was amazing.

 This is what we did yesterday.


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