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Catching up (David)

by on August 7, 2015

There hasn’t been much to report in the last few days, but here’s an update:

[oh… It turns out that Alex did write a post about Wednesday, he just forgot to Publish it.  So a lot of this post is duplicated by his “Impossible” post]

We figured out when planning the trip that it’s really hard to get from Budapest, where we were, to Dubrovnik, where we wanted to be.  No trains, complicated and expensive flights, and/or long drive.  But we did it anyway…. 

Tuesday we took a long train ride from Budapest to Zagreb.  Alex documented that pretty accurately.  We wandered around Zagreb in the evening… Not much to see (besides an old church)

We did get to see fireworks because it was their Independence Day (celebrating pushing back the Serbs in 1995, who weren’t happy that Croatia didn’t want to be a state in the country of Greater Serbia)

Wednesday we drove to Dubrovnik.  Croatia is very long, and there is just about zero to see along the way. (And if there had been we wouldn’t have wanted to get out of the car, because it was 104)  We did the drive in 8 hours; they say it can take 10.  

There was a pretty bay….

And due to a historical oddity, a small extension of Bosnia/Herzegovina splits Croatia into two parts, so driving through that strip we got to add another country to our list.  We’ve debated how much we actually have to be or do in a state or country to get credit for it…. do we have to spend a night, or just pass through, or ?  We decided the criteria is that we need to have a meal there…. so we got ice creams in Bosnia and we get credit.

(We never made it to Delaware on last year’s trip, but Alex argues that we were eating snacks on the plane as we flew over, so he thinks that counts)

Interesting shop… they had sausages and an ice cream freezer and literally that was it.  And the lady acted as if she had never used the cash register before.  Like communist times I guess… although at least there was meat in the freezers.

We had a little confusion at the first Bosnia border crossing…. it wasn’t clear if the guard was waving through the car in front of us, or us.  So we drove through without getting checked…. any guesses how Alex felt about that???   But then we were very cautious at the next crossing and…. the guard  just waved us through.  So it’s all good… Daddy isn’t going to be thrown in a Bosnian prison.   Too bad we didn’t get Bosnia stamps in our passports…. Maybe on the way back.

So we’re settled in our very nice resort hotel in Dubrovnik…. the pool temperature is perfect and we had lots of lazy time yesterday.  We did do a short walking tour of the old town, learned the (very) fascinating history, saw the damage on the buildings from the war, etc.  

Every tourist we saw in Prague apparently got on a cruise ship and went to Dubrovnik to meet in town square for a 10:00 walking tour:

But it was 100 again which sapped our energy.   Same plan again today…. A little touring in the morning then lazy afternoon.
4 days to go…. We’re all looking forward to the comforts of home, which are…. let’s see: haircuts, food we like, unlimited Internet connection, free phone calls to our friends, clothes that aren’t completely shredded and stretched by weeks of washing, unscented laundry soap, clothes dryers, real showers, not walking 7 miles a day, groceries we recognize, computers with screens larger than 6 inches, not wearing a sweaty neck pouch and a backpack full of water everywhere, more possessions than will fit in a suitcase, our own cars, etc.  

(Anna of course is not looking forward to completing her summer reading assignments which she has somehow not finished despite carrying her Kafka book all around Europe)


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