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Impossible (Alex)

by on August 7, 2015

Yesterday, we drove to Dubrovnik. The drive was 9 hours (which was apparently ‘fast’). Anyway. The car was 40 degrees (Celsius) and was just completely terrible. In order to get to Dubrovnik, you have to go through Bosnia and Herzegovina. We went up to the border crossing, and we were motioned to go through. No passport check or anything. I was worried that we would have the Bosnian police heading towards Dubrovnik following the brown Opel that 4 Americans were in. It turns out that Bosnia does not have a very secure border, and we did not get our passports checked when entering Croatia again, either. We had ice cream in a supermarket. The super market had ice cream and meat. And… …a cash register. It also had walls, lights, a roof, and a door. I am trying to remember what else it had. Oh! Now I remember! Those were the only things it had! This felt like a grocery store in Burma, not Bosnia. That was an experience. We finally got to Dubrovnik and the hotel was nice. The pool was just the right temperature (28c). This is what we did.


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