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Adobe (Alex)

by on August 8, 2015

Today, we went to Split. It was a very long car ride. For the record, there was stop and go traffic from the southern border of Bosnia to the northern border of Bosnia. The whole way. We finally got to Split, an hour after we thought we would. We are greeted in a place that feels…industrial to say the least. Our apartment is in a garden-ish building. When we enter the apartment, we are greeted with a very cool temperature, saying it was 40 degrees outside. It turns out that that temperature was caused by an A/C unit right at the front door. The bedroom has a very bumpy stucco wall. There is no way that there is any material in the world that is that hard. It must have been intentional. The apartment owners had to check someone else in, so we had to wait. Then, the apartment owners got in an argument because one of them had repeated what the other said. This whole check in process took 1 hour. We had linner (lunch and dinner) at 3:00. 

After that, we went on a walking tour of Diocletian’s palace. There was a very narrow street..

The tour guide lady should get an award. This award is the “Packs so much information into one session that people get bored and forget everything you ever said award.” Sorry, teachers. 

The most interesting part was on our tour were some people from the U.S. Sorry, California. To be more precise, the Bay Area. Who worked at a company called Macromedia. When Mom worked there. Who knew Mom. They had some good conversations. 

 We also saw another wedding in the middle of the palace

 We ended the day by getting gelato. Unfortunately, the place did not accept credit cards, and the smallest bill we had was a 200. The total price was 36. The employee had a terrible attitude, and just all in all, should not be working a job where she has to interact with other humans. But she seemed really happy when Dad gave her a 20. This is what we did.


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    Almost over!

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