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Last day! (By David)

by on August 10, 2015

We had another nice day at the national park, although it turns out that we were really lucky to have seen the prettiest part last night, without too many tourists.  We went to the main part today, which was … well…. busy! 

Parking was exciting…

Everyone we saw in Prague and Dubrovnik was in line for the boat….

And there was a traffic jam on the trail

But we had a nice time anyway and the lakes and waterfalls were pretty

And then we had our very last pizzas of the trip…. Or maybe for the next year?  I don’t know many pizzas we had…. we were on the road for 55 days and lunch and dinner each day were pizza opportunities….. so out of 110 chances I wouldn’t be surprised if we (well, the kids at least) had pizza 40 times.    😦    But we are done, done, done with pizza!

And it was amusing that in our efforts to not end up with too much foreign currency to lose money turning back into dollars, we ran out of Croatian Kuna and the pizza place wouldn’t take credit cards… so we had to figure out carefully what we could order for dinner with the 105 kuna (about $15) we had left.  For the first time, the kids got a tiny taste of traveling on a budget.

So the trip is done!   Our bags are packed and we’re ready for our morning flight.  It’s time for bed… Bye bye!


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  1. Aunt Ginny permalink

    Another successful adventure. We miss you all.

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