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New Zealand got it right – by Alex

by on June 16, 2016


We made it to New Zealand! Aunt Ginny is joining us for New Zealand and Australia. The time change is a little weird:DateAklndpng.png

but we are adapting well. We left from San Francisco on Air New Zealand. The plane was a Hobbit plane.

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Air New Zealand had Premium Economy seats for a very cheap amount, so we got to enjoy little pods that allowed you to recline a tiny bit.


It certainly was worth the money, though. They also had noise canceling headphones, which worked surprisingly well. The food was surprisingly good, but it was still obvious that it was airplane food. On the way, I watched the first Lord of the Rings movies, and slept for eight hours. Even though it was a thirteen hour flight, we are not too jet lagged. When we arrived in Auckland, we almost immediately went through passport control. I was expecting Heathrow. Wait five hours to get to the front of the line, just to be inquired by people who are bored because of their jobs. Instead, we pushed our passport into a machine, it took a photo of us, and then we got to go through. Aunt Ginny had a problem, we don’t know what, but she just talked to one of the bored out of their mind customs people. We then got to the baggage collection area. Our bags took a while to come out, and their signs did not update to have NZ7, our flight, on the board. I went to the bathroom during this period, which had lots more privacy than the open walls that are stall in SFO. We then got to “Biosecurity control.” They had massive yellow signs that said to throw out anything that could have pests. Also, there were signs everywhere that showed bugs that should not be brought into New Zealand. We spent some time getting through biosecurity (which was more intense then customs), and we took the bus to Auckland. There is a very cool tower near our apartment.


There was a store, which had lots of puns


*According to, New Zealand has 3 million people and 60 million sheep

In The UK, we had lunch at Nando’s one multiple times. Sure enough,


After all of this, we went to the grocery store. We found (and for some reason, bought) something that I do not know why it exists. DSC00968

The description, I think, contains the words Chicken, Potato, and Chips, but I can not piece those words together into something that even remotely resembles anything in the United States or Middle Earth. At least these chips meet the biosecurity regulations! We then went to Devonport. In Devonport, we climbed up a volcanic cone. This is what we did today.


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  1. Those airplane seats look really nice! Looks like a good start

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