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Second day – by Anna and David

by on June 17, 2016

We have finally begun our trip, in the land of amazing accents and sheep: New Zealand

The plane flight was the most amazing thing ever! We got “Economy Premium” seats, which is basically business class! We had extra legroom, really cool pod-like seats, and it was really nice! We also met a high school wrestling team from Wyoming, most of whom had never flown before, and basically told them how planes work, before boarding our flight. 
Next day, because I didn’t finish last night:

Today, we went on a bus tour of Auckland. We saw fancy houses, crossed a bridge, saw the official house of the prime minister of New Zealand, and learned a lot about life in New Zealand. Also, it is so green here! I know that to anyone not in a drought, it looks normal, but, for me, it is soo green and cloudy!! It is overall amazing, and I love it so far!



Alex was a little optimistic in last night’s post, about not getting jet lag …. We crashed hard yesterday afternoon and all thoughts of going out for dessert in the evening were tossed aside.  But we’re better tonight… we made it till 7:30.  We did enjoy the guided tour of Auckland today, saw lots of interesting things, had great fish and chips, and are finding our way around.  



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  1. anita permalink

    Thrilled about the LEG ROOM!!!!

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