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Napier and driving – by Anna and David

by on June 21, 2016

[Note: we don’t have a good rhythm yet to get photos into the blog…. we’re taking pictures with 5 different devices and the photos we want aren’t always on the device we’re using to blog that night.]

We broke up our drive to the other end of the island, with a stop in Napier.  It’s a quaint, small town that wouldn’t be a big deal except it was flattened by a huge quake in 1931, and the downtown was rebuilt in the Art Deco style of that time.  Thanks to inertia and some activist prervationists, it’s now quite famous for its architecture.  Sounds like Santa Barbara!

So here is Anna’s summary of the day with [David’s color commentary in brackets]:

Today, we got to sleep in for once, which was really nice. 

Then, we went to this amazing restaurant for breakfast where Alex got to inject his donut with a syringe full of syrup, and it was awesome.  [Everyone’s breakfast was very unique but insanely good.   Surely a chef this talented could have a bigger business in a bigger town?]

[photo goes here]

After that, we walked around and looked at Art Deco style buildings in the cold and windy weather of New Zealand winter.   

We also saw a neat beach covered with black sand and rocks

Then we drove

And drove

And drove

And drove

… for what felt like 1,000,000 years, but was only around eight hours [six actually]. 

Today was mostly a travel day, but we still got to see a few things!

[We are in Wellington now, for a couple of days.  The earthquake woke us all up… we felt pretty vulnerable on the 8th floor of an older building as it swayed and groaned for a few seconds.  But it’s all good]


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