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Sunday in Sydney – by David

by on June 26, 2016

We’re getting a little behind on our blogging…. the Internet connection is flaky, we’re coming home late, and the photos are all on the wrong iPhones.  (Probably expect no blog tomorrow either, we’re doing a long tour out of town)

We had a nice day today…. took a bus tour out of the city center to famous Bondi Beach, and then did (most of) the 6km walk between beaches.  

Lunch at Bondi Beach

The walk was great… the weather was dry and just warm enough to not be uncomfortable, and it was fun watching the surfers.  Then we saw Finding Dory which was very sweet… Although we were excited to see it in Australia because that’s where Finding Nemo was set, only to discover that Dory is all set back home in California.  Oh, well.

A few photos from today:

Nice beach…

Crazy swimming pool at the Lifeguard Club that is filled by the waves crashing over its wall

Sydney opera house and harbor bridge


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One Comment
  1. Ali permalink

    I am learning so much! I even forgot that you are enjoying Winter Solstice Down Under. We miss you here but the commentaries and pictures are great!

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