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Toreador – by Alex

by on June 26, 2016

Yesterday, we went on another city tour. Our breakfast consisted of eggs, sausage, oatmeal, and an english muffin with VEGEMITE (duh, duh, duh, duhhhhhhhh). I tried the vegemite, and I thought that the salt vegeMITE’ve killed the yeast (please don’t kill me), because it tasted like when you swallow salt water, except this had the salt contents of all of the salt bodies of water in the world combined. For those of you who don’t know what vegemite is, it is the Australian version of butter, consisting of yeast and every possible legal word for salt known to man. You are supposed to use it very mildly. We did, but it was still horrible. If you would like to see reactions of Vegemite overused, please reference the internet. 

We started our walking tour in a park with a very pretty fountain.


The city tour was interesting, but not super interesting. We learned about Lachlan Macquarie, a British governor who is considered the Father of Australia.



He was a massive egotist, so naturally everything is named after him: Macquarie street, place, square, avenue, even field. He was a governor of New South Wales early on. He added a rule that roughly said, “any statue depicting the founding of NSW must have the features of Lachlan Macquarie.” It is amazing what arrogant law makers can do. We then saw the outside of an old hospital (that was rebuilt several times). After that, there is a botanical garden that our tour entered. There is a fountain, a castle, and more.


We left the tour in the Rocks neighborhood because we saw that yesterday. We then saw a street market with lots of food. I had a German Sausage, Anna had a Turkish Sandwich, Mom and Dad shared lots of Japanese food, and Aunt Ginny had dumplings. 

We then walked on the Sydney Harbor Bridge. (No, we didn’t climb it, we just walked on the flat part and watched the crazy people who were climbing). I did not take any photos, because it was incredibly ugly, but I got an amazing photo of the Sydney Opera House, which is impossible to take a bad photo of.


Speaking of Sydney Opera House, we ended our day by taking a tour of the building, and then seeing Carmen. The tour was very cool, and I sung (quietly) when leaving, so I have sung in the Sydney Opera House. We saw the symphony theater which is really pretty.


It is interesting, the sails on the outside do not correlate to the rooms on the inside. There are smaller rooms below the main room. Also, the Sydney Opera House was built as a performing arts center, but the NSW government decided that it sounded nicer to be an opera house. 

Carmen was…. risqué and very colorful.  

Also, they decided to make it based in Havana, not Seville. The only problem is that the songs were not changed, so they mentioned that they needed to go to Seville, but ended up in Havana. If they did not tell us that it took place in Havana, I would not have guessed. At least they were culturally relevant. Also, we were in an English speaking country, it took place in Cuba (ellos hablan español), the costumes had the Spanish flag, and the songs were in French. It was all over the map (quite literally). If it had been in Spanish, then it would’ve been easier for me to understand. 

When we left, there was a really cool, open top elevator lift. Also, there was an awesome curved hallway.


They had some display screens that had 2 problems. One of them got the “aw snap” chrome/chromium error, and the other had the “Gnu grub memory check failed” error on Ubuntu. Sorry IT. 

This is what we did yesterday.


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  1. anita permalink

    Alex – I agree with you 100% on the vegemite!!!

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