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Crossing the Street – by Alex

by on June 30, 2016

Today, we did a day trip via ferry to North Stradbroke Island, off the shore of Brisbane.  We started by going on a boat. Anna and I got to sit on the bridge of the boat (but we didn’t touch the controls… The autopilot was driving)

We started by going to a lake. There was lots of white sand, and it was insanely soft. We then went to another beach. There, we collected lots of shells. Ther were so many of them, lots of them completely intact. We got lots of beautiful ones, and we started a collection. There were some larger shells beneath the water, but we did not take any of them. Mom was very picky about which shells we chose. They were all very pretty. 

We also saw a whole bunch of koalas, living in the wild, not in a zoo!  They looked like little balls in the trees. 

And we saw tourists taking pictures of koalas in trees.

After that, we went to lunch, and then got a couple more shells. After that, we went to some cliffs overlooking the ocean.  There, we saw some breaching whales. The whales looked awesome. We also saw some turtles, which looked really cool, along with dolphins. Everything there looked awesome. 

To make everything even better, we saw some kangaroos. They were just like the deer in our neighborhood, just munching on plants.  We even saw some kangaroos jumping! I really wanted to see a kangaroo jump, and now I got the opportunity. 

When we got back to Brisbane, we experienced the BrisBANE of this city. Cars. It is virtually impossible to cross the road without being at an extremely high risk of being hit. We had the right of way, and a GOVERNMENT BUS did a left on red without stopping, completely ignored that we existed, and then got stuck doing the turn. We thought that it may have just been that one person, but then several other people did similar things. Some people say that a cat has nine lives. If a cat started with nine lives at one side of the street, it would not be able to finish crossing, because it would’ve been hit more than nine times. I was scared to cross at a legetimate crossing point. Besides almost being brutally torn apart by several cars, today was really cool.

Ps:  Here’s a photo of the building we’re staying in.   It is 74 floors and we are on #73.   The good news is we have a great view.  The bad news is that since the building is very skinny, it sways in the wind.  Not very much, but enough for Dad to feel it.   He is not happy about it but the lowest apartment they could have moved us to was on floor 65.  He thinks with the help of Mom’s sleeping pills he can tolerate it for one more night.


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One Comment
  1. Lauren permalink

    Hi guys! Loving the blog. Such great photos. Glad you’re having fun.
    Love, cousin Lauren

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