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To Cairns – by Anna

by on July 2, 2016

Today was another travel day. It seems that I have always gotten a travel day to blog!

We woke up at an unrealistic and terrible hour to get on our flight from Brisbane to Cairns. 

At the airport we thought we were going to be able to eat at our favorite restaurant from home, Amigo’s, but it was just a (badly written) sign.

It was a Virgin Australia flight, so, on the scale of airplane flights, it was really nice. We got free chocolate, which made everything better! Then, we landed, went to our apartment, checked in, and put our luggage away. 

After that, we went to find food. Alex and I got fish and chips, so that was nice. 

Alex did not get kangaroo or crocodile

Daddy got a fish that looked at me… I didn’t like that.  

Then we walked around Cairns looking at sights, and shopped for UGGs some more, but still didn’t buy any.

Cairns is very tropical, even in winter… Warm and humid and rainy in the afternoon.

Tomorrow we are going out to the Great Barrier Reef. We are going to put our seasick patches on in the morning, and I hope I don’t get seasick. 

Good night!


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