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Barrier Reef, the Great (Alex)

by on July 3, 2016

Before we start: unfortunately the one thing that we did not take a photo of was the Toyota Land Cruiser. It was too cramped to be able to take a photo of. I am scowering the internet for any alternative. Also, my description of a church pew was incorrect, I would prefer sitting on a church pew in that truck any day. There is no word in the English or Spanish, or in any other language to describe the uncomfortableness of the seats. Enjoy the post!

Today, we went to the Great Barrier Reef. We started by getting on a catamaran boat. The boat should’ve been smooth, but it was insanely rough. Apparently, according to one frequent tourer, this was a good day. However, it did not feel like it to us. Our seasick patches barely worked. When we got to the pontoon island, the first thing we did was a semi-submersable boat. This basically means that we could sit under the water, but the driver was above the water. We got some pretty cool views, and we saw lots of coral. There also were some fish, which were really cool to watch. The boat was fun when we did it, but then the views became a lot better later on.

After the boat, we went snorkeling.


I got my photo taken with a massive fish (taken by the tour company)

As you can see, there was lots of coral and fish. There was a massive fish that I got my photo taken with. Snorkeling probably was the coolest thing that I did. There was a point that I got to see an underwater fish feeding in the snorkeling area. A spent lots of time snorkeling.


Some of the coral (taken by the tour company)

The whole experience was amazing, and I reccomend that everyone do it if they have the chance. The snorkeling was included with the boat ticket.

A (100).JPG

Me snorkeling again (taken by the tour company)

Honestly, everything at the pontoon was amazing. We then went on a ‘Seabob.’ A seabob is a jet ski-ish device that not only goes on the surface but down to 2m below the surface as well. I only as deep as somewhere between .5m and 1m below the surface. The interesting thing about a Seabob is that you hang off of the back instead of riding on it. It was really cool. Anna and Mom saw a Nemo (the nickname for a larger version of a clownfish) but they hogged the area, so I could not see it.


A clownfish (taken by the tour company)

The boat ride back was rough, but not as rough. All in all, I highly reccomend that anyone who has the chance go to the Great Barrier Reef. The whole ‘bleaching’ problem that has been all over ABC (Australian Broadcasting Company) and probably all over American television, which evident if you look, is overdramatized. This does not mean that the reef will never die. The color white is present everywhere, and bleaching only accounts for a tiny part of it. Overall, this is probably one of the best experiences on any of our trips.


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