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Aunt Ginny’s Guest Blog Recap: NZ/AUS

by on July 4, 2016

As I prepare to get on a plane to head home, leaving the Beaver’s to continue their trip into Asia, I want to thank Renee, David, Anna and Alex for having me share this special journey through New Zealand and Australia with them.  It’s been a memorable and absolutely fantastic trip with the kids I’ve known since their birth.  Needless to say, both Anna and Alex are now taller than me and it’s a fact which they have reminded me of daily as they have lived through the 1,204 pictures I have taken.  The journey has been long and arduous at times but at the end of each day, no matter how exhausted I am, I am happy to report these have been experiences of a lifetime.  Tonight I tasted a smidge of crocodile and if you know my eating habits it was a big moment.

Some of my favorites include seeing Koala bears, watching a humpback whale breaching and showing its white tail on Stradbroke Island, the movie set of Hobitton, being on the outer rim of actual volcanos, seeing the Blue Mountains and the 3 Sisters ridge, going to the Sydney Opera House and seeing Carmen,  the Te Papa Museum, walking on the fabulous white sands of Bondi beach and finding Koala bears in the trees and kangaroos in people’s back yards, visiting the Great Barrier Reef and doing the submarine viewing of the coral, donning a space helmet for a helmet dive on a platform 10 m down (I did have a panic attack and come up early!) and today’s last tour via railway to Kuranda, a river cruise seeing baby crocodiles and turtles and traveling back down via skyrail over the rain forest.

For a balanced view there were also a few not so great moments, notably the Toyota Land Cruiser journey to Springbrook National Park, a vehicle not fit for human adult riders. Thankfully David had the driver drop us off at a train station to ride home in a more serene setting.  So sorry that of all the photos I took I did not take a shot of this wretched vehicle with 1 inch left of seat padding.  The 90 minute boat ride to the GBR was something to behold as I estimate about 1/4 of the passengers, including David, puked their guts out with forceful sounds causing others to follow in their own heaves!..the ride back was similarly rockin’ and a rollin’.   We also experienced “gale force” winds in Windy Wellington and a 4.3 earthquake.

All in all I rate the trip a 9.95/10.  I will share below some of my favorite shots.







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One Comment
  1. Anita permalink

    These photos make me so happy.
    I think Aunt Ginny should market croc hot dogs back in the US
    I was so happy to hear she ventured into the native fare!!!!

    Love these posts keep them coming!!!!!

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