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Last day in Cairns (the i & r are silent) – by Renee

by on July 5, 2016

Today we waved goodbye to Aunt Ginny as she heads back to home and work, while we wrap up our visit to Cairns (pronounced “cans”) and get ready to head to Darwin (pronounced “Darwin”), our last stop in Australia.

The weather is MUCH improved….it was wonderfully warm today (note the shorts in the photos for the first time this trip) and very humid (fun fact:  Cairns has the most humidity per year of anywhere on earth).    

We discovered this sign on the Cairns Esplanade this morning.  Funny, the warning is right by a waterplay park for kids.

 Grandpa Jerry, we thought of you when we found one of your favorite spots on any trip  – the gelato stand.  This one boasts of 100 flavors, although we only saw about 60 today when we stopped by.

 Yesterday we visited the oldest forest on earth – the ‘wet tropics’ as the Aussies call them are home to forests that formed on Gondwanaland just after the Jurassic period and are still home to prehistoric plants.  Our sky-bucket tour took us through the canopy and over the tree tops of the Kuranda National Park – it was quite an experience.  We also learned about how rain forests regenerate and the fact that rain forests make their own weather (this was something I didn’t know before!) and the fact that the coffee plantation owners of the 1800’s didnt know this either spelled doom for their businesses.  Three days of consecutive frost killed the big coffee planters.  By clearing too much of the rain forest they lost the protection from cold….our riverboat tour guide explained that the Kuranda National Forest stays nearly a constant temp of 23 degrees.  Amazing!
The Great Barrier Reef, our reason for visiting Cairns in the first place, was amazing but a rough 40-mile boat trip on a windy day The scopolamine patches worked well for everyone except David.  He had a tough time out there…a little better on the way home…but overall not a place he will probably want to visit again soon.  Cousin Liz, you would have have been in heaven at the reef – there were lots of colorful fish and corals.  It was really fun and a place that I’ve always wanted to see.

One funny thing (at least to the kids, Ginny and I) has been David’s issue with where the sun rises.  He has totally lost his usually-excellent sense of direction and has said (more than a few times) “why is the sun rising over there, North is this way” – which would have the sun rising in someplace other than the East.  Then he pulls out his iPhone to verify where North really is…and so far the sun has been in the correct spot every time.   He was totally turned around for all 4 days in Sydney – maybe its the southern hemisphere thing?


And, from David, here are a few photos of interesting things that haven’t been posted yet:

– For all of you who asked to see photos of the truck from hell, here is a similar one: (but this one is much nicer)

-For Grandpa Jerry…. I thought this was interesting wording for a leasing sign…. Think we’d get tenants by advertising “very realistic rent”?

 – For Cousin Rachel… you know why we thought of you

– At the amazing Gallipoli exhibit at the Wellington museum, we didn’t point out that each of the 5 sections tells the story of one real person, and each section starts with a statue of the person…. At least 3x life sized and STUNNING detail….


– Coming in to Sydney at night on a ferry, under the bridge with the city lit up, was beautiful…. Even though it was very cold and windy

– Zookeeper taking a wombat out for a walk


And Renee laughed at this one 

Good night and Happy 4th of July!


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  1. Aunt Ginny permalink

    I enjoyed Cairns with you guys.

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