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The “Real” Australia (Alex)

by on July 6, 2016

Today, we started the day by going to the Cairns Botanic Garden. The layout was really cool. You essentially walked through time, seeing different plants from different time periods as you go along. Since it was a botanical garden, there were plants everywhere. I almost forgot that I was in a coastal town. There even was a dome full of carniverous plants and butterflies. We did not spend too much time there, probably between one and two hours, because we got ready late and had to pack. 

Here we are with some carnivorous plants

After the botanic garden, we went Nando’s (again) for lunch, and then we went to see Now You See Me 2. It was a really good movie, and now I would like to see the first one. We were wondering if we had enough time to make it to the airport by our 5:00 p.m. flight. The movie lasted longer than we expected, but we made it anyways. Security was tiny, and we were late enough that there was no line to get checked in.

The movie had Anna’s favorite chocolate from London,”Flake”

We flew on Jetstar, the Australian version of Ryan Air, to Darwin, Northern Territory. Jetstar is a lowcost airline that is insanely strict about rules.  The flight was good for a low cost airline, about $100 less than it would’ve cost on United, and a little bit less leg room, but still fine. We got into Darwin, and took a cab to our hotel. Our hotel is close to many restaurants, but is far enough away that you do not hear the noise. The restaurants are a different thing entirely. In New South Wales (the state that Sydney is in), there are lots of rules about bars and their operation to try to make the streets as safe as possible. There are constant reminders everywhere about the rules and regulations. In N.T. it would be virtually impossible to enforce all of these rules, because N.T. is huge. This means that they are not as strict, which means that the atmosphere is a little different. We walked past a crepe shop (which had good crepes) and one of whe workers suddenly ran outside and started yelling at some people walking by. We came back later, and he said that they “were not customers,” with no explaination whatsoever. Anyway, we went to a minimart to get the groceries we needed before we could go to a proper grocery store. You may be wondering what there is to do in Northern Territory. Well, the license plate literally says “The Outback” as the slogan of the state. Sydney is Finding Nemo, N.T. is Crocodile Dundee. There are some interesting things about Northern Territory. First off, this table, keeping in mind that Australian Capital Territory is essentially one city, Canberra. Texas has an area of 696,241 km², while N.T. has an area of 1,420,970 km². Northern Territory is not even the biggest state geographically. The density is also interesting. Singapore has a density of 19,910 people/sq mi, while N.T. has a density of 0.4 people/sq mi.

 This is what we did today, with a couple of facts about Northern Territory.


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  1. Aunt Ginny permalink

    Interesting fun facts, Alex. You do cover all the details well.

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