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Pretty day in Darwin – by David

by on July 7, 2016

Darwin is a very cute town, with lots of history.  As the farthest-north town in Australia it was the point from which the telegraph lines ran to Asia, and also the last refueling stop outbound and first stop inbound for all flights to and from Australia.   It was bombed by the Japanese only 10 weeks after Pearl Harbor (and frequently for the next 2 years), and also was pretty much wiped out by a cyclone in 1974.

So today we went “out and about” and saw the town.  We walked around and saw all the points of interest… the hundred-year-old church that was destroyed by the hurricane, some local art…

the original hangar used by Qantas for its international flights,

 a very pretty park along the waterfront, etc.  And we also went out to the “Defending Darwin Experience”, a pretty nice museum/exhibit that taught us all about Darwin during the war.

The big deal here is going down to the beach and watching the sun set, then getting dinner from the food stalls and having a picnic on the beach. We thought we’d join in, but the only trouble is, the entire town showed up for this event tonight, and it was a massive mob of people with huge lines for the food.  We scrambled to find a parking space, watched the sun set, and then came home for a simple dinner and an an episode of Sherlock.

Anita says “tell us about the unusual food in Australia”.  Well, there are surely some interesting options:   crocodile, emu, kangaroo, etc. , and yes, we’ve had a few sampler plates. What do they taste like?  All together now… “Chicken!”  Really, it’s not like you have a bite of crocodile and think “hmmm… toothy, with a hint of saltwater marsh”… it’s all just grilled meat. Sorry, Anita.  The other thing we’ve tasted is Barrimundi… a local river fish that makes really good fish and chips.  (Alex in particular has had a lot of fish and chips… it’s sort of the “spaghetti bolognese” of this trip so far).

OK, time to go…   6am tour bus tomorrow to the Outback and the national park.   See you tomorrow.


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  1. Aunt Ginny permalink

    What a glorious sunset image!!!

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