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Lazy day – by Anna

by on July 9, 2016

Today was a pretty lazy day… because we were super tired from yesterday. Mom and Dad let us all lie in bed really late and we had breakfast around 10:00. Then we went to the wave pool and it was sort of cold and very full of waves, but it was fun.

After lunch we played on our electronic devices for a while and then we went to the Museum of the Northwest Territories. It was pretty small, and it mostly had aboriginal art, animals, and an exhibit about the cyclone that pretty much wiped out Darwin on Christmas 1974.
Here we are with “Sweetheart”, a 5-meter crocodile who used to scare fishermen in this area (although he never ate any)

Now we are just hanging out and dreading the 3:15 am alarm for our flight to Singapore tomorrow. Dad apologizes for choosing that flight.

Dad says our vacation is half done… we had 26 days in New Zealand and Australia, and now will have 26 days in Asia.


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  1. Anita permalink

    The lazy days are the best days to let all your wonderful learning sink in!!!!
    Beautiful photos.
    Your birthday is coming soon!!!!!
    Love Anita & girls

  2. Aunt Ginny permalink

    Lucky girl Anna, getting to post on the lazy day off! 3:15 am YIKES!

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