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Perfect – by Alex

by on July 10, 2016

Today, we went to Singapore. Our day started with a 6:00 flight. To confirm, that was 6:00 in 24 hour time. Jetstar has to say that for an international flight, you have to get there 2 hours early, so we woke up at 3 in order to make it. We got there very early, so we sat around, went through the ‘intense’ international security that still is better than TSA. We got to the gate early, so we sat around more. Our flight was on Jetstar Asia, QANTAS’ low cost Singaporian airline. For some reason, Jetstar thinks that the best way to board a plane is to do real life Hunger Games. You have to hope that someone does not brutally tear you apart before you get on the plane. It hurts me to write the word plane. Dad had plenty of leg room, because he upgraded to a fire row. The rest of us were in the normal row, that everyone did not have enough leg room. Mom offered to trade with me, but I denied. Of course, in front of me was Satan in human form. The person in front of me decided that it was an amazing to recline his seat as far back as possible the first second that he legally could. Even though he did not use his back rest, and instead wrote a Word document. Apparently Satan was not fine with just having an exit row, he also needed to annoy the person behind him (me). Needless to say, I was unable to sleep. I also refused to tilt my seat back so that I would not annoy the people behind me. The flight was four hours. Please note that the previous part does not relate to the title ‘Perfect’. We arrived in Singapore, where we got our bags, the last ones off of the plane. They gave us a little landing card that had in massive letters, “Warning, the smuggling of drugs results in death.” If you haven’t heard rumors of Singapore’s rules, this is a clear example of their harshness (which I am fine with). We got through customs, and then entered an airport that shames all other airports. It was amazing clean, and beautifully designed. It was also fun to realize that Singapore airport has no domestic flights! (Since it’s the only airport). 

After this, we got on the train to the city. Oh wait, sorry. We transferred trains 3 times to get to our apartment. The way the rail system is laid out, they have tiny routes, and you change endlessly. It is slightly annoying.
But aside from the getting there, we really really like Singapore!

Here we are at the famous Raffles Hotel
(Where not-very-good lasagne cost $60.00 USD.)

We got to our hotel, and then walked around the city. On our quick tour, we saw a 55-story casino that has a boat-like shape on the top…

a building that has a contoured exterior, that results in it looking like a hedgehog, and a lion-mermaid fountain that apparently is very famous (lions are the symbol of the city)

We were pouring out sweat from the heat by the end, so we went back to the hotel for a little bit. I must say, Singapore seems like the ideal country. The vast majority of the people like their government and their courts. It is very safe (with very visible gun-toting soldiers). On top of this, it is extremely clean. The economy is in amazing shape as well.
In the evening we went to the big new garden park.  5 points if you can guess what they have:

Special treat …. The Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong was at the park too, and Dad got a photo of me with him! He tried to get the whole family in the shot but the security guards were a little intense.  Look close, Anna is there too.

For dinner we had satay sticks which I really liked.  

And then we watched a wild light show on huge metal “super-trees” in the park, accompanied by 1970s pop music that Mom and Dad knew all the words to.  The photo doesn’t really capture it but here it is.


By David:  wow, we had a great afternoon and we really like this city!  Everyone was out and about on a (hot) Sunday afternoon, wearing every style of Asian dress, and just hanging out enjoying life…. Playing cricket, singing songs, break-dancing, flying quadcopter drones, and taking thousands of selfies.

And yes, we knew all the words to the music… ABBA, Carpenters, Chicago, and “play that funky music, white boy”


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  1. Aunt Ginny permalink

    Too bad the trip getting to Singapore was tough but it certainly appears worthy of the effort. Glad you really like Singapore. Thankfully, so far the trip has been extremely safe which is an understated benefit!

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