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Singapore – its hot and humid! – by Renee

by on July 11, 2016

Truly it is hard to describe Singapore’s combination of heat + humidity. And you can tell who the tourists are– we are the ones with our clothes drenched in sweat.  The locals are are the ones wearing tight jeans, long sleeve shirts, sweaters and jackets – and not sweating.  In fact, it is so humid that you sweat from every pore in your body just standing still.  I hope that we will acclimate quickly, as the rest of our trip will be hot and humid.

Today was our ‘full’ day in Singapore.  We woke up to a serious rain storm – not the best weather for today’s planned activities, including the Singapore Botanic Garden and the Singapore Orchid Garden (among the best in the world).

Since the weather reports said to expect the rain to end by noon, we stopped by the National Library and saw their exhibit on documents “from the stacks” including a bunch of letters and documents about Mr. Raffels, an exhibit on the Japanese Occupation of Singapore during WWII (Cousin Rachel, this included a cartoon section on the types of torture used by the Japanese – we thought of you), and historical photographs of Singapore.

We also visited the Sultan Mosque and explored the Kampong Glam Muslin neighborhood.  Anna and I purchased bamboo fans – unfortunately mine only lasted 2 hours till it broke!

After a quick lunch at … guessed it, Nando’s (the kids’ favorite) we took the subway out to the Botanic Gardens.
The Gardens were nice and the orchid garden was amazing.  We all particuarily enjoyed the “cool house”  which was air conditioned to simulate a mountain top environment.  It was great while you were inside but even more opressive when you had to leave.  (David noted that there were no benches in the Cool House — for good reason!)

 The Orchid Garden had over 1500 different species of orchids.  I was surprised to see the same orchids that I purchase at Trader Joes in the gardens (granted, bigger and in a range of colors).  Alex took photos of the many different orchids.

Sad to report that Anna got her first bug bite today in the Botanic Gardens.  I had been so impressed with Singapore — as clean as you have heard it would be, and mosquito-free!  I wondered how the city managed to be bug free when it is so hot and humid.  On the way home from the Gardens there was an ad for how to prevent Dengue Fever – so maybe we just got lucky last night with no mosquito bites.

By reputation, Singapore is a ‘rules based’ society.  No eating on the trains, death to drug trafficers, fines for jay-walking, a big fine for failing to flush a public toilet, chewing gum can only be purchased from a pharmacist for medical use…and here is a photo of the markings instructing you where to stand to get on the subway train.  Alex , who appreciates organization, likes it here very much.

We also stopped by Swensens (a Beaver family favorite from the 1970s) and had The Earthquake – 8 scoops of ice cream with 8 toppings and some dry ice in the middle to make the smoke!

We also saw one of Anna’s most exciting shops ever….yes a “cat cafe” where you can pet cats.  We didn’t let her go in, but maybe next time!  


And all of Singapore is getting ready for Ghost Busters, the movie 

Tomorrow we fly to Hong Kong.  It will the first time I have been there since 1985 and I’m sure that the city has changed (the biggest change is it is now Chinese and not British).  Looking forward to taking the kids for a ride on the Star Ferry – which was one of my favorite things to do when I lived there. 


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  1. Aunt Ginny permalink

    Fabulous day. Love the earthquake sundae…well deserved.

  2. That earthquake sundae looks delicious! It was hot today as well here but at least it was not humid.

  3. Lucy permalink

    The only photo Anna looks actually happy in is the one with the ice cream! 🙂

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