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Victoria Peak and Stanley Market – by Renee

by on July 14, 2016

Today we explored the Hong Kong Island half of the city (as opposed to the peninsula half, called “Kowloon”) using the Hop-on/Hop-off bus….which worked great till the last time we needed to hop on and it failed to show.  Oh well…we were close enough to Hard Rock to walk there for dinner so all ended well.

Our first stop was Stanley Market, way on the other side of the island.

Way back in 1985 Stanley Market was a street lined with vendors selling a wide range of items…and a bunch of fishing boats…and the beach.  Today Stanley Market has a 6 level mall and a giant H&M store…there are still some street stalls, but like the rest of Hong Kong, Stanley Market has gone upscale.  

Not to worry, Anna and I managed to buy a few small things — since we still have a long way to go before heading home, we had to limit our purchases to small items.  Anna was VERY excited to get a fan that works off her iPhone…or as David said, a $5 fan with a $600 battery.  

Considering how humid it was today, I think the fan was a good choice.

Next stop was Victoria Peak via the ‘tram’ which actually a funicular and quite steep.  They have a big promo going about ” I love the Peak” so that’s what this is related to.

It is amazing that from the Peak, you can really see how green the hills of Hong Kong Island are… at least, the parts they haven’t built apartments on yet.

We also saw the world’s coolest Apple Store…

…and a very small Hard Rock Cafe that had good food and even better music. 

Every 2nd or 3rd song was Taylor Swift (Anna’s favorite) and in between they played ColdPlay (Alex’s favorite) or something David or I knew all the words to from the 1980’s.  (David sings along and the kids complain that he can’t hit the notes). And the music wasn’t too  loud, which is unusual for Hard Rock.

Off to Hong Kong Disneyland tomorrow, then we leave for the mainland.


By David: 

I got a totally different feeling about Homg Kong tonight, as we walked the hopping nightclub area of the financial district.  Like being on Union Square vs last night’s Fishermans Wharf.  Still awfully crowded, but the people dressed better and weren’t trying to hustle you.

But the car traffic was just as insane. Thankfully they’ve built an entire network of above-the-street walkways that connect all the buildings, so you can get all around easily and float above the cars.

I don’t remember that we’ve blogged about it too much, but over the years one of our “things” has become going to the Hard Rock Cafe in each city.  It started in Rome the first year when we were desperate for a burger and a shake, and it continued.  The kids are amassing pretty good collections of Hard Rock t-shirts…. added Sydney and Hong Kong so far this year.


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  1. Virginia permalink

    Lots of bad things going on in the world right now…be extra vigilant and safe.

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