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Photos and more – by Renee

by on July 30, 2016

I wanted to share random photos that I’ve taken (but that haven’t been shared in the blog)

Anna and Alex as Xi’an Warriors

Shopping for “snacks” at Walmart… some of which were good and some tasted awful.

Spanish in Xi’an

Giant bell, at the small pagoda in Xi’an

Chinese fast food -noodles

Three very young girls (3-4 yrs old) playing on a cell phone in the Forbidden City

This photo shows that the Great Wall is mostly stairs.  And oh, so hot. I was very annoyed that local tourists were throwing trash ON the Great Wall.  Of course I picked up ALL the trash I saw and put in the trash bins (at every tower)

Cute statues at Olympic Park in Beijing. (Lots of them!)

Anna with her Chinese zodiac sign- snake.  At a display in the Bird’s Nest stadium

Alex’s sign is a Sheep

In the stands at the Birds Nest stadium

Inside the Nest

At Confucius’ temple… tablets where each year the top 3 students from the national exam had their names engraved.  These are from the Ming Dyntasty

2000 year old tree in Chinese temple

Dining Hall at the Korean royal palace.  Our tour guide made a big deal of how “different” the architecture is from Chinese architecture.  We failed too see much difference.

“Love Locks”   In Paris they had to cut them off the bridges because they were too heavy; in Seoul they built racks to feature them. We loved the metal trees made from thousands of locks.  At the gift shop they sold “lock kits” complete with a marker to write on the lock.

Korean guard at the DMZ

North Korea in the distance

Video wall at Samsung Delight exhibition/electronic playground

Cool piano stairs in Seoul subway.  We wondered who was practicing the bad piano we heard. It was just commuters climbing the stairs.  Each stair made a note.

Guacamole in Kyoto.  We were thrilled to find this great Mexican restaurant (with “Pacific Coast Highway” sign on the wall) and we have reservations again tomorrow night. We would have loved it even if we weren’t tired of rice!


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